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Furniture made of solid wood is more popular nowadays around the globe, then wrought iron, plastic or cane furniture. In order to save the environmental health of the people, it is very important to choose solid wood furniture and it also reveals the original beauty. solid wood furniture are also solid and durable, generally the ordinary furniture life extends from three to five years, while the life of solid wood furniture is at least six times more than other furniture solid wood furniture generally has a hedge against inflation, if the material is good, well-made, there is still much room for appreciation. wood furniture generally has exquisite carvings, because of wood suitable for carving, exquisite. pure wood materials will give you the space to bring a touch of nature, let their cold steel and away from the monotony of modern materials; at the same time give the home environment warm \"wood gas\", so popular in high-end consumers. Its advantage is reflected in nature: natural texture, changing shape, wood furniture surfaces generally can see the beautiful patterns. Solid wood furniture has its own unique style, personality, and set with a natural essence, the whole body warm, is a great choice for the home. During the manufacture of solid wood furniture, the furniture and wood-based panels that compared with plastic amount is considerably less which can be enhanced with the use of glue affects the level of environmental protection furniture. Solid wood furniture is not only a store of value, and give the home environment warm \"wood gas\", so popular in high-end consumers. Its advantage is reflected in nature: natural texture, changing shape, solid wood furniture surfaces generally can see the beautiful wood pattern . Rattan furniture has a long history, just as the ancient times with rattan furniture, rattan furniture, the process can be divided into two categories: one is pure rattan furniture production process, there is a class of mixed rattan wood rattan furniture production process . While as Rattan furniture is from ancient times, due to sources of raw materials and technology and other reasons, the development of rattan furniture industry both in scale enterprises, quantity, value or in the type of product structure, aspects of styling, technology, and trade products have been a great development, Benefits of wooden furniture natural wood lignin can absorb ultraviolet light and has a * good thermostat, humidity control function, it can reverse control temperature and humidity changes.

by way of natural wood Falcon riveting structure of the traditional furniture and modern features hardware connected, with strong nail holding power and stability, even if multiple entries is not loose, a solid firm with a long service life long. uphold traditional Oriental style solid wood furniture, crafts and life quality, gradual changes in life, always revealing noble and elegant feeling. gentle, smooth, less angular and angular with a portion of the rounded handle and safer. Stability is one of the major factors that affect the life of the furniture. We all know that the solid wood multi-layer board is made of three or more layers of veneer, the board is made of high-temperature and on high-pressure. As a result of solid wood, plywood is pressed with a uniform plywood, with a small deformation, strength, intrinsic quality, good flatness, strong stability. Can be produced according to different needs of 5-40mm thickness of the laminate, the multi-layer solid wood board also has the characteristics of deformation and good regulation of indoor temperature and humidity of the excellent performance. After the melamine finish, the surface of the plate has a natural and real wood texture and touch. Solid wood laminated board in its pressing process made with veneer vertical and horizontal bonding, high temperature and high pressure to suppress, not only has the structural stability, not easy to deformation of the advantages and reduce the use of adhesive in the production process using the polymer Glue, after high temperature and high pressure, PVC around the edge, reducing the formaldehyde content, so that the release of formaldehyde plate to environmental standards. Moisture resistance: solid wood multi-layer board is moisture resistance also because it is made of multi-layer veneer, so its structural stability is very good, not easy to deformation, which in terms of internal stress to solve the wet and dry weather board deformation vulnerable to defects, so the waterproof multi- And stability are very good, the strength of solid wood flooring mainly with the grass-roots level, each additional layer, the intensity will be correspondingly enhanced, of course, the cost will be increased accordingly.

Cost: The cost of the wood laminate is mainly in the pressing process requires a layer of repression, so the cost will be relative to other solid wood particle board and MDF. In addition to production costs, as well as processing costs, because the internal structure is not the same, the requirements for the machine is not the same, so you need to increase or transform the production line, then the natural increase in production costs. From the above analysis, we can see, is now also suitable for multi-layer wood furniture custom cabinet. As for many consumers often encounter some friends in order to achieve the purpose of selling their own sheet, and misleading consumers to say that a certain plate is better, more environmentally friendly. Wood is very suitable for the human coexistence of building materials, home space from the furniture, system cabinets, ceilings, floors, and compartments will be used in wood, we say it is like home clothes, tightly fit in every inch.
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